Another kidney stone bites the dust

This Monday I had yet another renal calculus crisis—the second one in less than 12 months. There was I, in the emergency section of the local hospital contorting in pain from 18:30 to 22:30. By 23:00 the stone had moved from my ureter to my bladder, which reduced the pain, and by the next day it finally got expelled from my system. After a blood test and an x-ray, the doctor said I had to drink more water and reduce the salt in my diet. I guess no more chips for me…

  • Gabx

    What’s wrong with you?!
    Stop making stones! It’s not fun :p
    Unless you are going to sell them…

  • krell

    Wow man… I was just going to ask you how you’ve been haha…

  • Hey man! I am feeling good now, but the x-ray shows I still have tiny stones, so I’m expecting another crisis in 6 months, heh. Everywhere I go I bring a bottle of water with me. Funny thing is that I set myself a goal: I shall never see yellow piss anymore—it’s gotta be transparent from now on! :D

  • krell

    That’s certainly a good goal. I drink a lot of water, but it’s more out of habit than anything else. I wonder what causes kidney stones… I hope I never have to pass one. I hear it’s a painful experience.

    Well, glad to hear you’re fine now… but those other stones sound troubling man. Good luck.

    Now it’s off to google to research kidney stones hehe.