Although my taste for music is varied and rather “situational”, Bossa Nova is the genre I’m able to appreciate consistently.

Bossa Nova

Classical_GuitarBossa Nova is a style originated from Brazil in the 1960s. To put it simply, it is the combination of Samba and Jazz. (I’m talking about Brazilian Samba, not the ballroom dance style that bears the same name.) You will notice the beat is pretty much the same from song to song; what really makes a difference is the chords and the lyrics.

Here are a few songs along with renditions by known and not-so-known artists.

And last, but not least, Garota de Ipanema. A song by Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. It appears that it was the first Bossa Nova song to leave Brazil and to show the rest of the world the new trend. It’s been overplayed, so I didn’t include on the list above.

Last updated on the 7th of September, 2009.